Will The Alkaline Diet Work for You?

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Alkaline Diet Work for You

Some of the biggest Hollywood celebs have promoted the alkaline, and in many interviews, they have admitted that following the concept has changed their life. Does the alkaline diet work? If yes, what are the things that need attention? Can you follow the diet on an extended period? In this post, we will talk of that and much more.

The Dos and Don’ts:

First things first, you need to know the list of dos and don’ts of the alkaline diet, which is pretty long. Your diet will mostly consist of veggies and fruits with a few soy products, nuts and lentils. Yes, you read that right. Alkaline diet doesn’t contain any form of meat or dairy products, and therefore, you have to live a vegan life – well, almost. Eggs are also off the list, and you cannot have drinks or products that contain caffeine. You can include some of the legumes and grains, but those are also limited. Also, skip all those packaged, ready and convenience meals, including your favorite cheesy fries and popcorn.

Will You Lose Weight?

By cutting down most of the junk and processed foods and limiting the intake of dairy and meat, the alkaline diet does promote weight loss. Yes, this won’t be a miracle diet, but you will lose weight because you are surviving on natural food. Is it a sustainable diet? Probably no. This is not a smart choice for people who like to have meat-based proteins in their diet. Also, quitting all dairy products can be hard too, especially milk that’s loved by vegetarians too. However, there are cookbooks and manuals for following the alkaline diet, which may come handy. You can find many details and recipes in these books that are not hard to cook. Of course, this is a high effort diet, so you need to put your heart and soul to see the results.

If you don’t want to go for all that, just follow the choice of alkaline foods to the best extent you can. You can also include high pH water in the mix, which is great for your metabolism and energy levels. The alkaline diet doesn’t tell much about exercise, but you need that for long term weight loss.

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