Why Your Body Needs Mineral-Rich Water

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Why drink regular water that can only quench your thirst? Did you know the only way to properly hydrate and replenish your body is by drinking nutrient-rich mineral water? Natural water has seven essential minerals that our bodies need. And unlike regular tap water, the mineral variety does not undergo harmful chemical processing or contain other agents like bleach, etc. Thankfully, this allows your body to absorb more nutrients than normal. Below are other health benefits that mineral water has to offer:

Strengthens Bones

Mineral water comes with high levels of calcium which improves bone health, strengthens and prevents degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. It is particularly beneficial for women especially when they start to age and the bones start to weaken. The magnesium content in the water also maintains muscle performance resulting in a healthier you.

Mineral Water Can Help Regulate Blood Pressure

Drinking water that has magnesium and calcium content has been known to reduce blood pressure levels. Both of these minerals regulate blood pressure thus preventing it from getting too high to damage the heart.  Individuals who already suffer from hypertension can also benefit from mineral-rich water. Similarly, the potassium content in this water enhances nerve communication between the heart and the nervous system, preventing irregular heartbeats.

Regulates Bodily Functions

Mineral water also provides a rich source of magnesium which is known for regulating several bodily functions from blood pressure to blood sugar levels. The mineral relaxes cramped muscles and loosens blood vessels which in turn enhances bone development. Zinc is another naturally-occurring mineral that helps support a healthy liver function and improves your immune system.

Staying properly hydrated with natural water helps the body flush out toxins while increasing blood oxygen levels. The exciting result comes in the form of a natural boost of energy. So, if you’re feeling sluggish and experiencing fatigue, make the switch to mineral-enhanced alkaline water.

Why You Need Alkaline Water with Minerals

Enhanced alkaline water has the perfect balance of minerals to help your body absorb the nutrients it needs. Although the gut can neutralize high acid levels, alkaline water helps restore electrolyte balance, ensuring we can absorb minerals efficiently. This makes mineral water an essential addition to a healthy well-balanced diet, and also for hydrating after a workout.

So, why not consider making a positive lifestyle change by drinking more water instead of sugary sodas and juices? Uniquely different from regular or purified water, mineral-rich water improves your overall health and gives your skin a rejuvenated glow.

TRUbalanceWATER provides refreshing water products in stores all across Texas. If you’re looking for high-quality alkaline water, we’re your leading supplier of alkaline water in the state. To find available products near you, see our store locator, or contact us at 832-966-7725.

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