Why You Will Lose Weight With The Alkaline Diet!

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Lose Weight With The Alkaline Diet

A lot has been written about the alkaline diet. While there are people, including known Hollywood celebs, who swear by the benefits, others have slammed it for being unpractical. So, can you lose weight with the alkaline diet? Thankfully, the answer is positive, but does the diet work in the way as claimed? We will try to uncover a few facts for your help!

Understanding the Concept:

The alkaline diet is all about eating alkaline-promoting foods. As such, foods with a high pH score are considered perfect under this plan. You have to include a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet and must exclude meat and dairy in all forms. All types of junk and processed foods must be avoided, as well. Grains are also not allowed, barring a few exceptions. There are cookbooks, which will help with recipes under the diet plan.

Losing Weight:

The alkaline diet is a natural diet, if nothing else, and therefore, it does assist in losing weight. Since all forms of junk food, refined carbohydrates, and processed meats, are already banned, there’s no way that you can put on more weight. Also, you will eat a limited amount of grains. Fruits have added sugar but are also high in vitamins and minerals. With very few options, the diet doesn’t really give you the scope to cheat. If you follow the meal plans with a serious approach, you will drop a few pounds in the first few weeks for sure.

You Need More Than a Diet:

First things first, it is impossible to skip your favorite foods altogether, and therefore, the alkaline diet is surely impractical to some extent, at least for some people. Secondly, no form of weight loss is sustainable, unless you have an exercise plan in place. Workouts are as important as your diet, and you have to be careful about choosing the right training methods. The alkaline diet claims that foods help in maintaining the pH level of the body, and that’s not entirely accurate. Our bodies are capable of maintaining the right pH levels naturally too.

If you want the benefits of the alkaline diet but don’t want to go for extreme dieting, a good idea is to replace regular water with alkaline water. Tru Balance brings the best choice of vitamin enhanced water, which is great for the body.

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