Why The Alkaline Water Concept Is A Rage?

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The Alkaline Water Concept

Chances are high that you have heard some wonderful things about the alkaline diet. Unlike some of the fad diets, alkaline is natural and doesn’t really harm your body in adverse ways. However, it calls for major changes in your diet plan, and that can be a challenging thing for many people. Besides everything else, quitting meat and dairy seems to be the hardest. Many Hollywood celebs swear by the benefits of the diet, and there are endless cookbooks for help too. Yet, people don’t really follow the diet as they should, and to be honest, most dieticians and doctors won’t suggest the idea for everyone.

This is exactly where the concept of alkaline water comes in the picture. What is alkaline water? Does it work like the alkaline diet? We have some answers below.

What’s Alkaline Water?

Back in school, you must have learned about the pH score of a substance. Anything that has a score of 7 or more on the pH card is known to be alkaline. Regular tap water has a score between six and seven. Alkaline water, as the name suggests, is alkaline and has a pH score of 8 or more. The water of streams and springs tend to be more alkaline in nature, mainly because the water passes over rocks, and in the process, it acquires minerals. Of course, we don’t have access to alkaline water naturally, so we have packaged products, with a better pH score than tap water.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits associated with the alkaline diet is also associated with alkaline water. It is known to reduce pain caused by arthritis and can also help in regulating blood sugar levels. It contains a good amount of antioxidants, and therefore, it may have some anti-aging benefits. Thanks to the presence of electrolytes, alkaline water also helps in maintaining the natural energy levels of the body and reduces the frequency of acid reflux. By boosting the metabolism, it helps in losing fat naturally. If you go for a brand like Tru Balance Water, you also get the boost of added minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

What are you waiting for? Switch to Tru Balance Water today!

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