Why Drink Alkaline Water?

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Drink Alkaline Water for the Health Benefits

In case you didn’t know, there are a host of benefits when it comes to drinking water with a slightly higher pH level. Alkaline water is drinking water that is above a level 7pH, which is the neutral level where water is in its natural state. However, when water’s pH level is anywhere between 8 and 10, it’s considered alkaline and offers various perks for your body.

  • Added Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium Electrolytes Provides Natural Energy Boost without the Sugar
  • Aids in Alleviating Arthritis Pain
  • Antioxidant Absorption and Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Properties
  • Colon-Cleansing Properties
  • Enhances Overall Bodily Functions
  • Helps Promote Weight Loss
  • Helps Reduce Acid Reflux
  • Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Higher Body Hydration Rate
  • Increases Efficient Blood-flow (Viscosity)
  • Natural Immune System Support
  • Promotes Clear and Healthy Skin
  • Workout Recovery (Muscle build up…Lactic Acid eliminator)

Drink TRUbalanceWATER To Replenish After Exercise

Whether you’ve completed a strenuous workout or finished taking a casual stroll, it’s important to stay hydrated and replenish your body with clean and refreshing alkaline water. TRUbalanceWATER offers the perfect balance of antioxidant electrolytes that your body needs to stay hydrated and maintain proper bodily functioning. As your muscles recover and return to their relaxed state, water helps remove any excess lactic acid build-up. And as your body rids itself of toxins through sweat and muscle exhaustion, you don’t want to forget to quench its thirst and craving for cell hydration and restoration.

Drink Alkaline Water for Mental Clarity

When you’re on-the-job or on-the-go, most of us prefer to remain mentally sharp and functional. When we don’t drink enough water and stay hydrated, we begin to develop fatigue and become sluggish. Multiple employee studies have been able to link dehydration to decreases in physical and mental performance.

In fact, dehydration can occur not only from not drinking enough mineral-enhanced water, but also from consuming high-sugar beverages and sodas, a lot of caffeine, and even from smoking. Sugar, other artificial food additives, caffeine, and cigarettes can slowly deplete oxygen levels in the body. However, water naturally replenishes and provides cells with the hydration needed to function at optimal levels.

It’s especially important to stay hydrated at work or in school. When we’re hydrated with electrolyte-rich alkaline water, we have mental clarity and sharpness, and we ultimately function and perform much better.