Should You Follow The Alkaline Diet – The Next Best Alternative Revealed!

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Should You Follow The Alkaline Diet

There are endless diet concepts and ideas, but the alkaline diet has been around for quite some time. Many of the leading celebs and Hollywood actors swear by the diet and have endorsed it on many platforms. This post will be all about the alkaline diet, and how you can find the next best alternative.

The Basics:

The concept of this diet is pretty simple – Eat alkaline promoting foods and keep diseases at bay! There are also other health benefits, as claimed by many users. So, what can you eat? Well, there are a few things that should be on the menu, including fruits, veggies, soy products including tofu, along with certain nuts, seeds and a few legumes. Things to avoid include meat, dairy, eggs and all sorts of grains. Also, you have to quit caffeine and alcohol too, besides avoiding packaged, canned and comfort foods completely.

Does it Work?

The alkaline diet is natural and offers you the right sources of food, and therefore, you will lose weight. Experts, on the contrary, have slammed the concept for other reasons. The human body is capable of managing the natural pH level, and the foods recommended in this diet have minimal impact on this pH. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a diet that’s real and offers a natural way to detox, this is surely for you.

Should You Follow the Alkaline Diet?

Well, it is easier said than done. There are cookbooks, meal plans and other suggestions, but quitting all the foods you love is never easy. Also, not everyone can adjust to the complete meal plan. If you are keen on enjoying this diet, you have to incorporate the idea to the best possible extent, without being too harsh on your taste buds.

What’s the Alternative?

Alkaline water! Yes, if the diet seems too hard for your choice, you can just pick alkaline water, which has a pH of 9 or more. You can also get the benefits of some of the important added minerals and vitamins, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Vitamin enhanced water tastes better and will help in improving the hydration rate. It is also believed to regulate blood sugar levels and can increase metabolism, making this a perfect choice for anyone with diabetes and obesity.

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