Ridding Your Body Of Water Retention & Swelling

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Summer water retention woman foot and hand

More than half of our body is made up of water. Growing up, adults would tell us to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially during the summer season. Despite this advice, there are still people whose bodies will retain an excessive amount of fluids although they do drink water. If you’re one of those people who deal with water retention and swelling, we know this can be a very frustrating experience. However, what’s worse is that most people may not understand what causes it or know how to reduce it.

During the summer months, swelling or mild edema in the hands and/or feet are especially prevalent and noticeable. So, why do some people retain water in their body and how can they deal with the issue? By making a few simple changes, you can rid your body of these issues with swelling and water retention.

What is water retention and what causes it?

Edema is the term that health professionals use to describe when what happens with the body holds excessive fluids in its extremities. The good news is that it is a relatively harmless condition. However, for some with severe symptoms, it can also indicate warning signs of other more serious health concerns. In the cases of heart disease, liver, and/or kidney disease, you’ll want to make sure to address water retention right away with your physician.

Yet, for those who are otherwise healthy, it might just come down to simply changing up a few daily habits. Overall, swelling can occur due to the simple fact that you’re ignoring your body and not paying attention to warning signs of dehydration or poor diet.

What are some easy tips on reducing edema?

Cut your sodium intake significantly

Foods that are high in sodium are significant contributors to water retention. This is because sodium easily connects to water and makes it harder to flow in and out of the body. If you would avoid eating a lot of salty, processed foods, you’ll alleviate the swelling. The best way to significantly reduce sodium intake is to eat natural whole foods. An alkaline diet is a highly effective way to decrease sodium intake and minimize swelling.

Exercise more

A quick way to get rid of excess water in your body is to break a sweat. Every time you sweat, you lose fluids. Just remember, however, that you’ll still need to drink water and hydrate yourself when you’re exercising. Water replenishment is super important to body functioning and maintaining a healthy fluid balance. Developing healthy exercise habits can help to eliminate swelling once and for all.

Get some good sleep

Most people do not get enough sleep at night, unfortunately. And if you’re not getting at least seven hours/night, your body might have a hard time regulating its fluid balance. Our bodies need adequate resting time to control and regulate functioning.  Plus, the extra sleep will also help reduce stress and replenish the balance that we need. If you want more energy throughout the day, take naps whenever possible, and get proper rest time.  In fact, rest will help you find the motivation for exercise, and exercise will help you rest better!

Drink mineral-rich water

Some people are under the impression that they need to stay away from water if they are suffering from mild edema. However, it’s the direct opposite of the truth. Your body still needs plenty of water, and consuming mineral-rich water during the summertime is especially essential.

Staying hydrated with water, along with the necessary minerals like magnesium and potassium, will help balance the body. For example, the minerals and electrolytes in healthy natural water will help flush out excess fluids. As a matter of fact, retaining water can be a sign that you’re actually suffering from dehydration. How so? Well, when your body doesn’t have enough fluids, it hangs on to excess water in the body and becomes trapped in your extremities.

It works similar to eating food. When you starve yourself or eat too much sugar and carbs, the body begins to store food because it’s not getting enough nutrition. So, drink more water and send the right signals to your body to flush out toxins and let go of excess fluid storage.

Alkaline water benefits for reducing water retention

Well, the advice of drinking eight cups of water a day still holds true. Even more, people who regularly drink alkaline water also experience the benefits of reducing water retention in the body.  If your body is carrying excess water during the summer months, consider drinking alkaline water, along with the other suggestions we mentioned above. Try them for a week and see if you experience results. If you suspect a more serious issue, however, please consult with your physician. Stay healthy and happy with TRUbalanceWater!

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