Quick Guide to Drinking High pH or Alkaline Water

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Drinking High pH or Alkaline Water

Every person should drink at least three to four liters of water throughout the day. Reports say that over 70% of all Americans aren’t properly hydrated, and that’s an alarming number. If you follow diets and food trends, you must have heard some great things about the alkaline diet. In of our previous posts, we have talked about the benefits of alkaline diet and some crucial facts related to alkaline water. This post will, however, focus on choosing alkaline water. Before anything else, let’s start with the basics of alkaline water.

What’sAlkaline Water?

The pH scale basically tells whether a product/substance is acidic or alkaline. Anything that scores over 7 on the scale is considered to be alkaline, while a score of less than 5 is deemed to be acidic. Limited studies have proved that water with better pH might have a few benefits for the body. Apart from claims like improved hydration rate, it is also believed to work on the body metabolism. Alkaline water may also have some impact on the blood sugar levels and can help people dealing with obesity and diabetes. Thanks to the presence of added minerals, drinking alkaline water increases the natural energy of the body.

Choosing a Brand

If you are looking to switch to alkaline water, there are a few things that you need to check.

  1. First things first, look for a brand that’s available near you. Most known brands are available in certain states, and it is important to have direct and quick access to the products.
  2. Secondly, you need to check the best level of pH available. For ‘alkaline water,’ a minimum score of 9 on the pH scale is important. That will ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits as expected.
  3. Thirdly, look for a company that’s willing to talk about their product. The company shouldn’t hesitate in discussing their manufacturing process. If possible, check the portal of the concerned brand to know.
  4. Does the packaged water contain minerals? Alkaline water should have the right balance of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Make sure that you read the label before buying.
  5. Lastly, do you have big bottles? While single servings are good on the go, you need larger gallons and jars for daily use.

Check with Tru Balance Water now to know more.

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