Our Story

Why TRUbalanceWATER?

The Story of TRUbalanceWATER

TRUbalanceWATER is not just about a few products – it’s about a lifestyle choice! As one of the leading manufacturers of ionized or alkaline water in the United States, we have come a long way since our inception. We understand the fitness concerns of the masses and have developed a solution that will help impact lives in a healthy way.

Our Mission
Distributing High-Quality Alkaline Water

From the beginning, we’ve set out to distribute high-quality alkaline water that everyone can benefit from, as well as enjoy. We’re extremely focused on the production process of our water, and utilize expert processors to ensure quality assurance at every level. We strive to ensure that each sip of TRUbalanceWATER is infused with the goodness of potassium, calcium, and magnesium that guarantees effective hydration for your body. At TRUbalance, we strongly recommend a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and proper hydration for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t know much about the importance of body pH balance. As long as this fact remains, the entire TRUbalance team will remain committed to spreading awareness about fitness and health through our products. We will also continue to provide the best alkaline water products on the market, to ensure we help undergird the efforts of customers who are committed to making healthy lifestyle choices.

As we continue to introduce healthy and replenishing high-quality alkaline water to Texas communities and from an Eco-friendly stance, another vital aspect of our mission is to give back to the community via “Cause Marketing”. Candidates for this include Susan G Komen (Pink) Cancer Research, as well as Sisters and Diabetes Research.

Our Vision
A Healthy Population

At TRUbalanceWATER, we’ve has always propagated the concept of “natural living”, and we firmly believe in its virtues. We envision a world where people are free from health issues and able to live a life that’s based on the quality fundamentals of wellness. As a brand, we’re intentional and consistent when it comes to offering choice products that ultimately focus on the health goals and desires of YOU, the customer.

Our ultimate dream is to see customers reach success as they commit to health and wellness. Furthermore, it is through that customer success that TRUbalanceWATER can continue to grow as a lifestyle brand.

What’s Your TRUbalanceWATER Story?

We love to hear your comments and receive customer feedback. Keep sharing more with us! We would like to know how our high pH water has helped your fitness journey. It’s because of YOU, and our incredible team who works tirelessly to make things happen, that we remain encouraged to move forward with excellence! THANK YOU!

Annette Larkins

“I am 75, and TRUbalanceWATER helps me maintain an all alkaline diet.”

Patricia Vesques

“This water has done wonders for my arthritic elbow and helps my body stay regular“

Lily Latimore

“I feel more hydrated and my acid reflux doesn’t pop up at unwanted times anymore”