Developing an Alkaline Diet & Healthy Lifestyle

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If you want that spring back in your step, get your dream body, find relief from inflammation and prevent wrinkles, you need to follow the alkaline diet. As the name implies, it involves consuming foods and drinks that will have an alkaline rather than an acidic effect on your body.

Contrary to popular belief, however, this approach will not alter your pH level. It just gives your body the tools it needs to maintain an ideal pH level of about 7.365. Below, TRUbalanceWATER has provided some ways that you can start developing this diet into your everyday living.

Consume Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 is critical for several bodily functions but we cannot manufacture it organically. In fact, getting enough through a diet alone can be a challenge even if you eat oily fish every day. Make up for the deficiency by taking omega 3 supplements every day for softer skin, better digestion, and clearer thinking. If you don’t enjoy taking supplements, make a homemade salad dressing using chia seed, flaxseed oil, lemon, and herbs. This will also help you get your daily dose without having to take pills.

Go Green

An alkaline diet is predominantly a green diet comprising of fresh vegetables, leafy greens, low-sugar fruits, seeds, and nuts. It also includes healthy oils, like extra virgin olive oil. These foods offer healthy basic whole food choices as opposed to high-fat fast foods, red meats, dairy, and sugary carbs. As a rule of thumb, foods that primarily have a lot of sugar and/or sodium are acidic. Though it’s okay to have your pizza and ice cream every once in a while, you’ll want to prefer green foods for promoting overall health.  If you can remember to eat with the 80/20 ratio, you’ll be fine! For example, you’ll be well on your way to eating healthier if you consume 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic-based foods.

Drink Alkaline Water

Another consideration in developing this great lifestyle alternative is to drink alkaline water. Water that contains higher pH levels tends to hold the perfect balance of minerals that your body needs. Furthermore, alkaline water completely hydrates the body. One all-important mineral found in water is Magnesium. Proper balance and staying well-hydrated helps you digest your meals and ultimately feel better.

Eliminate Excessive Acids

The alkaline approach should not be taken literally. Yes, it is a great diet if you want to get healthy, but you should have some mild acid in your diet as well. However, stay away from strong acids such as processed meat, sugars, soda, and gluten heavy grains. By cutting back on these items a little at a time, you will allow your body to maintain that healthy pH balance.

Bodies that are either too acidic or too alkaline are not healthy. However, to reach a natural healthy pH level for your body, removing those highly acidic foods and choosing more alkaline-based foods will certainly help bring balance and keep you less susceptible to illnesses.

Reduce Stress

Stress can impact your body more adversely than an unhealthy diet can because it tricks the body into producing copious amounts of cortisol. This enzyme prepares the body to react to dangerous situations quickly but it also shuts down several immune responses and even the digestive system which can impact pH balance. Reduce stress with an alkaline diet and regular exercise to keep those levels at optimal levels.

We believe that temporarily incorporating an alkaline diet is your key to a whole new you. Start your weight loss journey today using this strategy for a healthier and happier life. For more information, connect with TRUbalanceWATER today.

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