Decoding the Alkaline Diet – The Basics and Facts

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Decoding the Alkaline Diet

If you are a fitness enthusiast, the chances are likely that you have read about numerous diets. While some are certainly ‘fad’ diets, others have been around for a while. Alkaline diet belongs to the latter group. In this post, we are doing an unbiased diet about this diet.

What’s Alkaline Diet?

The theory is pretty simple – Certain foods produce acid in the body that can cause numerous health problems, and hence, should be avoided. The alkaline diet suggests eating foods and drinking beverages that are more alkaline will help the body in losing fat and keeping diseases at bay.

Should You Bother About the pH Scale?

You can check the nature of any substance on a pH scale. Anything that scores over 7 on the pH card is known to be alkaline, while anything below 5 is known to be acidic. For example, if a product ranks 2 on the pH scale, it’s highly acidic and should be avoided.

What to Eat?

The alkaline diet is mostly a vegetarian diet, and that can be bad news for non-vegetarian foodies. Most veggies, fruits, and soy products are allowed on this diet, and you can include different legumes/pulses, nuts, and seeds.

What to Avoid?

Well, this list is pretty long. You have to quit most of the grains and meat products. Dairy products are restricted too. Followers also need to stop canned foods or anything that comes out of a packet, such as processed meat products, readymade meals, and other junk products. It is also important to quit alcohol and caffeine, which means your colas, coffees, wines and aerated beverages are in the ‘red’ zone too.

Should You Follow the Alkaline Diet?

To be honest, the whole idea of eating fresh fruits and veggies is great for weight loss. Since you are choosing healthy foods over high-fat and processed options, you will lose a few pounds. What the alkaline diet doesn’t talk about is exercise. It is important to include some form of physical activity, especially if you are keen on maintaining your health.
Also, if you are new to the diet, it might be hard to follow the concept, as most of the comfort foods are eliminated. Without doing a lot, you can also choose to switch to Tru Balance Water, which is alkaline water high on pH!

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