Benefits of an Alkaline Diet for Thanksgiving

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Much of the foods we eat in the U.S. can be notoriously unhealthy and acid inducing, all of which make for an acidic diet. However, when we switch to a healthier, more alkaline diet, we eventually feel lighter and fresher overall. We also help reduce the risks of acidity, heartburn, and other health concerns that come from consuming a poor diet. Continue reading this article to discover how you can start benefiting from an alkaline diet, even for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Top Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

We’re almost sure you’ve heard this before… Incorporating more foods into your meal plans that pertain to an alkaline diet helps promote a healthier lifestyle. However, if you have not, you’re about to learn more here because it’s true. There are tons of health benefits to incorporating more alkaline foods into your diet! Below are just a few examples.

Boosts Your Energy Levels

A build-up of acid in your body can reduce oxygen levels and increase fatigue. Imagine how you feel when you overwork a body muscle? Your muscle grows tired and begins to hurt because of the build-up of lactic acid. Well, the same thing applies to your body overall, increasing fatigue eventually makes you feel groggy.

However, switching to an alkaline diet helps your body fight against fatigue and low energy levels. Alkaline-rich foods help your body maintain and regulate its natural pH level so you have more energy to function. They also power your brain with better mental clarity, alertness, and concentration.

Improves Your Immune System

Want to lessen your frequency of becoming ill and reduce sick time? Choose an alkaline diet! Keeping your internal chemistry balanced is essential to keeping your immune system working at optimal performance. Eating high-fat, high-cholesterol, highly-processed, and sugary foods, along with lots of carbs, can cause your body to work extra hard to maintain its natural pH. In doing so, you also compromise the immune system and antibodies that work hard to fight various infections that intrude the body. Supplementing your diet with more alkaline-rich foods, however, can help in this regard.

Reduces Inflammation

Acidity can cause an increased risk of inflammation and bloat in the body. Contrarily, an alkaline diet can help keep such painful problems in check. Alkaline-rich foods help flush out excess water that the body is retaining. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also look better.

Making Your Thanksgiving Feast More Alkaline

This Thanksgiving, try opting for more alkaline diet dishes to enjoy along with your traditional meals. Also, you could try incorporating more alkaline-rich foods like lots of leafy greens, pumpkin and other fresh squashes, nuts, and antioxidant berries. Below are some additional tips for making your Thanksgiving meals more alkaline.

Switch at Least One Meat with Tofu or Incorporate a Few Meatless Dishes

Red meat is enemy #1 when it comes to fighting against acidity. Consider substituting red meat with a fabulous meatless dish for your protein needs. If the switch is too radical for you, consider lowering the meat portions to just 20-30% of your overall thanksgiving meal.

Cut Down On the Alcohol & Other Acidic Beverages

Alcohol is another big offender with a high acid count; however, it does provide many other health benefits. So, if you consider limiting your intake, you can help keep your blood alcohol levels down.

Also, if you simply opt for drinking refreshing spring water with lemon, your body will THANK you! You’ll find amazement in how easy it is to substitute 2-3 sugary sodas and fruit juices with pure water!

Load Up on the Greens

Green leafy vegetables are a potent source of alkaline goodness. Consider adding more salads and green veggie casseroles to your thanksgiving platter. You can also substitute whole milk and deviled eggs with coconut milk and avocados instead.

For more information, connect with TRUbalanceWATER today. And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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