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Reselling High-Quality Alkaline Water is Simple

You Can Resell Alkaline Water in Your Store or Place of Business!

TRUbalanceWATER is here to help you get started. There’s nothing more gratifying than selling a product that you know your clients and customers will love and benefit from. To help our store and business clients’ reselling efforts, we offer only the highest quality alkaline water sourced right here in Texas!

How We Help You!

At TRUbalanceWATER, we are innovators when it comes to infusing the right balance of electrolytes in our water products. Even more, we guarantee that your clients and customers will love the taste and experience ‘TRU’ benefits!

Getting started as a reseller is easy. To learn more about our private label options, simply complete the information below and we will connect with you soon.  Thank you for your interest!