10 Tricks for Losing Weight without Extensive Dieting

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10 Tricks for Losing Weight without Extensive Dieting

If you have been trying to lose weight, you need to follow a simple mantra – There are no shortcuts. You cannot rely on dieting alone, and for your help, we have listed 10 simple tips and tricks.

  1. Drink more water. As cliché as it may sound, your body needs more water to burn fat and flush the toxins. If possible, go for anti-oxidants alkaline water.
  2. Walk, walk, and walk. If you don’t have the time for gym sessions, try to walk an hour in the morning and evening for effective weight loss.
  3. Don’t starve. No matter what people say, do not starve. Yes, intermittent fasting does work, but starving is not a choice.
  4. Check your beverages. You need to reduce your dependency on caffeine and aerated drinks. Go for green or matcha tea instead.
  5. Cut down sugar. If you are serious about weight loss, be careful of your sugar intake. A teaspoon of sugar here and there won’t hurt though.
  6. Take a small plate. Well, with a small plate, you will eat less – simple. You need to check what you take in your plate for each meal.
  7. Understand your body. Not every diet plan is everyone. Take your time to evaluate what works for your body by understanding the weight loss process.
  8. Eat slow. Studies have revealed that eating slowly is good for your digestion. You will also feel full sooner, and thereby, you can minimize what you eat.
  9. Portion control is important. Yes, you can eat what you want in smaller quantities. Do not deprive yourself of the good things, but keep a check on the portion size. For example, a packet of chips is bad for you, but a few chips won’t hurt.
  10. Enjoy your meals. Yep! That’s true. You need to enjoy what you eat. If you keep stuffing salads without liking the taste, one day you will throw up. Try too cook your meals, which will make your more interested in home-food.

Talk to your doctor if you have health problems, and make sure that your hormones are in balance. For alkaline water, Tru Balance water is always your best pick.

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