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Things to Know Before Starting the Alkaline Diet

Starting the Alkaline Diet

Like many others, you have read great things about the alkaline diet. Some of the leading Hollywood celebs have promoted the concept, but should you actually follow this diet? In this post, we will try to understand a few things about losing weight and maintaining health on the alkaline diet.

Foods to Eat and Avoid

The alkaline diet has a clear list of do’s and don’ts for followers. You can eat most seasonal and fresh veggies and fruits, along with pulses, nuts, and different seeds. Basically, anything that scores more than 7 on the pH scale is good for you.

The things you should avoid are many. Firstly, cut off all the dairy and meat products, including fresh meat and milk. You also need to avoid all sorts of other processed and packed foods, or convenience products. Followers are also encouraged to avoid both alcohol and caffeine.

Before You Follow the Diet

  1. Ideally, you should know your fitness goals before starting any diet. Are you looking to lose weight? Or you are just focused on keeping diseases at bay? This largely determines the food you eat.
  2. This diet requires a lot of effort, given that most of the non-vegetarian foods are cut from the list. Make sure that you have the energy and determination to follow the concept, especially if you are junk foodie.
  3. It is advisable to replace your regular drinking water with alkaline water. You can try Tru Balance Water, which offers a pH level of 9.5. This will just help in getting more from your diet plan. If you cannot follow everything else, alkaline water will still help you lose weight and get other benefits.
  4. You will find a lot of cookbooks on this diet. If you are a lazy cook, the alkaline diet might be easy for you. The foods and recipes are pretty easy, and you can learn a lot even from YouTube videos.
  5. Lastly, there’s just one thing that this diet truly doesn’t talk about – EXERCISE. You cannot expect to lose weight or gain other physical benefits if you don’t exercise. Try to include at least five sessions of heavy workouts every week to harness the alkaline diet benefits better.

With a healthy diet plan and an effective exercise regimen, losing weight shouldn’t be hard at all.

  • Posted by admin
  • April 04, 2017

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