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Minerals That Your Body Needs – A Quick List

Minerals That Your Body Needs – A Quick List

Ever since we were in school, we have heard about the essential need for vitamins and minerals in the body. Minerals are particularly important for healthy bones, cardiovascular health, and better mind function. In this post, we will talk about the minerals that your need for maintaining and optimizing body function.

  1. Calcium. Apart from being essential for bone development and dental health, calcium also helps in keeping the cholesterol level in check, which improves heart health. Calcium is even more important for pregnant mothers. To get more calcium, you can include more greens and veggies in your meals, besides dairy products. Include fishes like sardines and oysters too.
  2. Magnesium. Magnesium keeps the vital organs, including the heart and kidneys healthy. It is also essential for a number of chemical reactions in the body involving enzymes. To get more magnesium in your diet, include more leafy greens, soy products, whole grains and legumes in your diet. Also, include seeds, including flaxseeds. You should also consider replacing regular water with 9.5 pH alkaline water, which has essential minerals, including magnesium.
  3. Phosphorus. Phosphorus is needed for bone and dental health. It also allows the cells in the body to perform normally. One of the best sources of this mineral is mushroom. You also need to include more lean meat, eggs and lentils in your diet, besides dairy products, including milk.
  4. Iron. Iron is essential for the formation of RBC, and it also helps and supports the overall immune function of the body. Iron deficiency can cause several side effects and conditions, which calls for extra attention. Include more fishes in your diet, include shellfish. Also, you need more seeds, besides leafy greens. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from iron deficiency as he may suggest supplements.
  5. Zinc. Zinc is responsible for aiding many body functions, but more importantly, it works in improving the immune system. It also supports liver function. To get more zinc in your diet, including more beans and seafood. You also need brighter colored foods, such as carrots and kelp, and don’t forget to have your dose of nuts and seeds.

Your body also needs sodium in smaller amounts to regulate blood pressure among other things. Besides sea salt, many veggies are also a reliable source of sodium.

  • Posted by admin
  • January 05, 2018

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