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Month: February 2018

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water

There are endless sources out there claiming great things about alkaline water. Let’s start by saying that “alkaline water” borrows its concept from the alkaline diet. Back in school, you must have read about the pH level of a substance. Anything with a pH score of 7 or above is considered to be alkaline. Alkaline water has a better pH […]

  • Posted by admin
  • February 28, 2018

Living the Alkaline Life – The Importance of Alkaline Water

Some of the biggest Hollywood celebs have pitched and raved about the alkaline diet, while there are thousands of claims around the concept everywhere else too. What’s the hype about? Below is a quick review of the alkaline diet along with a few aspects about alkaline water. Knowing the Alkaline Lifestyle: In school, you must have read ma […]

  • Posted by admin
  • February 09, 2018